Tuesday, January 27, 2015

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 246 ~ Cheers

Ros is hosting this week at

The theme is


The project needs to include a drink, hot or cold. I am going with a cup of tea, and it is Friend Blend!

tea bags are going into this pillow box

for the birthday girl.... who loves tea.

Come play along with us at

and our guest this week is

Manuela from Germany

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Beautiful World ~ Dance

is a place where you can share the beauty of the world through your lens, we have a weekly theme, this week is....


I took this picture at my friend's house, the minute I see these flowers, I thought of sugar plum fairies, you know the sugar plum fairies in The Nutcracker?

like this .....

and this....

I can so see them dancing now....

can you?

Please hop over to

and check out the team have for you

Friday, January 23, 2015

Project Life 2015 - January 1 to 6

When the year ended, I always have the intention of making a book for the important events that happened in that year, but it was never successful since 2012, and I am still working on my 2013, LOL! Starting last year, I decided to make the year book as I go, so I started project life, and I completed year book 2014, YAY! so this year, I am continuing to do my year book project life style, except... I am going BIG this time!

The reason is, by the time I get to July, my small album was unable to hold all the pages, I need to get a second album in order to complete the year 2014

so this year, I am using the big album....

the other thing I will try to do this year is..... I said TRY....

not to buy anymore of these PL journal cards/box, I bought so many of them last year, and I hardly touch 1/10 of each box I had, so I am going to try to finish them before I buy new ones, again, I said TRY! (biting my lips.....)

Ok, here's year book 2015, project life style


January 1

Hello 2015!!!

I bought a new cookie stamp and baked some sugar cookie today.

January 3

Today I bake churro doughnuts, Papi is such a good boy, we put the doughnuts on the table and sat him on the chair, he just stares and never ever dare to lick.

we brought some doughnuts to Mirage for the staff, they all love it so much

In the evening, we went to Olivia Newton John's concert at Flamingo, she wasn't as good as before but still a good show after all, especially the sang some of her famous tunes from the movie Grease.

January 4

I totally enjoy my weekly walk with Papi, we always walk to Majestic park, it is behind our house, and a slightly uphill route, once in a while, we will see a jogger, but most of the time, it is just peaceful and quiet, just my Papi and I, I feel complete silence, complete solitude.

January 5

My favorite ice cream is in New York City's China Town, black sesame and almond cookie, today, I managed to make some black sesame ice cream, yum.... now I can fixed my craving before I go to NYC again

January 6

I started making Rabbit #2, and it is going across the ocean to a dear friend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PTI Make it Monday #198 ~ Three Panel Cards

The Challenge:

Clare is having her graduation recital next month at Roy. O Disney Concert hall, CalArts, and this is the invitation card I make for her event.

I thought her baby picture is pretty sweet for the card

but she wanted this instead

so we are going with her choice

the stamps I used are

PTI Rhythm and Soul (the musical note)

and here's the finishing touch

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 245 ~ Oh Feathers

It is my turn to host this week at

the theme is


Our Guest Designer is

not only she make a beautiful project for our challenge this week, she also sponsored the prize package

be sure to check out the shop where these pretty brads are from - http://craftmania.pl/

and also check out the CCCB designers

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our Beautiful World ~ A photo that represents a song title

is a place where you can share the beauty of the world through your lens, we have a weekly theme, this week is fun! You got to take a photo that represents a song title

can you guess what song title this is....






give up?


here's the answer

Baby it's cold outside

I know right....

even the birds in Grafing, Germany is telling each other that

come on and join us

Check out the team

Saturday, January 17, 2015

December Daily ~ last bits of my 2014 project life

It is January, it is about time to finish my posting for 2014 project life, this is

December Daily 2014

December 20

We went to an UNLV basketball game this evening, guess who is there?

December 21

I finally found the green mason jar for the shelf in our newly painted dining room

and got all my Paris photos framed and hang

December 23

Dolce and I went to Joann to get some felt and started our project

December 24

It is Christmas eve today, but I managed to squeeze out some time in the day to finish up my rabbit project, please meet Miss Rabbit Fufu

after dinner, the girls are excited to open up presents, especially Papi's present, they were curious about what Papi got for Christmas since the day they came home, I refused to tell them and they keep bugging  me "I won't tell Papi, please.... what you get for Papi?"

Clare can't wait to open present FOR Papi

it's a blanket Papi! now we can take this along when we go on a road trip

look Papi, there are more present for you

"What's in there?" said Papi

"It's a toy!" said Clare

after all that, we play card, Papi is happy to join in too

and when he is tired, he just lay under the table, near our feet, with his new blanket, awww... so so cute!

December 27

We are sad today as Clare is flying back to CA, and then she and her boyfriend are going to NYC for a short trip.

December 31

It is New Year's eve, like the last few years, we just want to stay home and watch the New Year count down, love Anderson Cooper with Kathy Griffin, they are a funny pair.

I baked some sugar cookie with my new cookie stamp today.

Overall, it was a good year and it is time to say



Hello 2015!

I am happy that I completed my year book 2014, project life style, and I am going BIG in 2015! 

Thanks for following my 2014 journey my dear blog friends!

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