Thursday, February 26, 2015

PTI Make it Monday #202 ~ Anchoring with Border and Banner Dies

The Challenge:

When Melissa Philips make a card, it is full of beautiful layers, when I make a layered card, it usually ended up like a pile of ? Well, this week at PTI Make it Monday, Melissa is showing us how to add lots of layers to your card and yet look beautiful! : )

I counted, 12 layers excluding the cardstock...... LOL!

this time, I am happy with my pile though! : )

without the video of Melissa, I wouldn't dare to put this together the way it is. Thanks Melissa!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PTI February 2015 Blog Hop

The Challenge:

Here's the inspiration photo

I am using PTI Quatrefoil cover plate die....

the color of the background are mixture of a few PTI ink pad

last step is to die cut the word HUGS and added the HEART, both are PTI dies


The weather has been crazy the last 2 days, the week when my guests were here, we have 70s and low 80s everyday, we sat by our fountain by the backyard every morning, out of a sudden, the weather changes, I look out the window Monday morning.....

all I see is snow caps on the mountain....

which is rare, these mountain are too low and hardly have snow on top

Guess I can't complain about weather in the 50s in the winter right? We are just spoil here in Las Vegas : 0

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 250 ~ Use It Up!

I still have Dolce here with me, we are doing a lot of cooking and baking together, we have been eating with house guest, this week is time to eat at home.


This Week at

Ros wants us to used up our scraps, we all have piles of them right?
I keep little pieces of patterned paper in a few boxes, and now it is time to dig them out, sort them and see which paper can filled up the little spaces here....

It is very time consuming because some paper because I have to die cut them many times to get enough to filled up but its worth it

and since I already started, might as well make a few

I think not only I used up lots of scraps, I also sent all these cards out Christmas 2014

Come play along with us.

Our Guest Designer this week is OriBella.

and don't forget to check out the CCCB Designers

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Beautiful World 85 ~ Circle

This whole week has been busy since sister-in-law is here, we sit at our backyard every morning, and then we will take her to the casino, she loves playing bingo, in the evenings are just dinner and shows, doing lots of fun thing together, we went to Donny and Marie Show again on Wednesday, they are so good, no wonder they were voted best shows in Las Vegas 3 times in a row, we watched them about a year and a half ago, you would think that they just do the same thing over and over agin, no, it is like a brand new show, everything is different from the last one we watched, you can tell they really put in a lot of hard work into the show.

Sister-in-law went back to Iowa yesterday, both my girls are back here with 4 other friends, I still have a house full of people, busy but fun!!!!


This week at

The word is


I think I have tons of picture to shows but I am going with this one....

Yummy, I know.....

Come join in the fun!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Project Life 2015 ~ January 13 to 15

So I am way behind posting my project life again, however, I am up-to-date when comes to making them, just couldn't find that much time to do my post.

Project Life 2015

January 11

I finally done with rabbit #2, and went it to post office and sent it, by the time this post is up, my dear friend Ros already received it, I am so glad little bunny found you Ros!

today I finally done with all the invitation cards I made for Clare's recital

Clare wanted this photos instead of her baby photo I picked

in the evening, we went to a new Korean BBQ called KIMCHI with Dolce

January 12 

Dolce and I make some yellow noodles at home, this is the first time I used my pasta machine since I bought it 13 years ago.

they are really yummy, better than the store bought ones.

January 13

Today Papi sit in the front seat when I took him to grooming, he didn't give much problem.

January 14

I make Loh Mai gai (a steam glutinous rice) at home, 

and I also baked some applesauce muffins

and then Dolce and I went to Joann to get some more felt to make our Mr. Fox, we get the body done just need to make clothes for him. 

January 15

Papi doesn't really like his dry food, so we are trying to change to the moist food, but he seems to have softer stools due to the new moist food, so we really don't know what to do now. He has been trying to get a lot of attention by flipping his bowl over and spill his food all over the place lately.

Dolce took some pictures for Papi and Mr. Fox, so so cute!